P8SBF: Wall-mounted type (壁掛けタイプ)

● Specifications

Cold water capacity 10 ℃ (L / 1h)  : 30
Compressor (HP)  : 1/4
Power consumption (W) 50/60 : 255/280
Weight (kg)  : 31.5
Dimensions mm (width x depth x height) :  448 x 473 x 962
* Combination type with P8AC


Functions and features of water cooler (water cooler / chiller)

●Barrier-free standard Wheelchair compatible

Barrier-free standard that conforms to the welfare town development regulations



“I want everyone to drink delicious water.” Oasis has long been working on the ADA Act (American with Disabilities Act), which is the starting point for barrier-free access. It is a barrier-free design that complies with the “Welfare Town Development Ordinance” of local governments, so it can be used in various areas



●Original mechanism

Bubbler (water inlet) in pursuit of ease of drinking


The bubbler (water inlet) of the oasis water cooler is an original mechanism that puts the ease of drinking first. It is designed to keep a slightly thicker amount of water at a slow speed. In addition, the water does not suddenly splash high and the face and clothes do not get wet.

In addition, we have designed it for ease of drinking and use, such as a bubbler guard to keep the mouth clean and a streamlined top plate to prevent water splashing.



●Continuous cooling structur

We can continuously provide delicious cold water to a large number of people.
If you use a general water cooler continuously, the water will not cool in 
time and the water will be lukewarm at the end. In that respect, the Oasis Water 
Cooler has an original design of continuous cooling structure, so even if a large 
number of people use it continuously, the water will not become slimy. You can 
always provide cold water, even during heavy use, such as during school or work 
breaks or before or after an event.


●Automatic cleaning system

Equipped with an automatic system that keeps water quality safe and fresh

The oasis water cooler is equipped with an automatic cleaning system that forces the water in the equipment to be replaced every morning from 6am for 3 minutes. Since it is automatically replaced with fresh water once every 24 hours, even in facilities such as “sometimes not used on holidays” or “some days when users do not visit”, water quality deteriorates due to retention and water cooling. There is no need to worry about water stains adhering to the inside of the tank.


●Powder coating

Adopting the latest coating technology boasting high quality

In order to prevent cracks and chips on the painted surface and to maintain high durability, we have adopted the painting technology “Powder Coat”, which is currently attracting the most attention in the United States. Powder coat is an environment-friendly coating technology that is resistant to rust and scratches, does not fade, and does not emit VOCs (volatile organic substances) during the production process.